With only 3 weeks remaining on our search ranking project and the end of Fall semester at the University of Michigan Dearborn, I wanted to give you a quick update.

The results below are from my office in Shelby Township, Michigan.   I cleared the browser cache prior to searching for “Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept“.

As you can see, I am presently at #2 with my Youtube video on “Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept“.  I am at position #5 for my website, bestdigitalmarketingprograms.com and position #9 for one of the Spyder Byte Media, Inc. websites that I own, RussCuthrell.com.   Having multiple positions on the first page of Google keeps my “competitors” from taking one of the positions.  Let’s hope I can maintain the 3 positions and perhaps add another one, or  two….


Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept Results

For curiosity, I also typed “Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept” into Bing.com.  As you can see below I am presently ranked  #8 in Bing.com.  I have some work to do in the remaining three weeks of class.  Check back in mid December.

Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept Bing Results

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